The Power of Positive DOING

Dear Walk the Talk Friends,

One of Walk the Talk’s favorite authors, BJ Gallagher, has entered a grant competition sponsored by Free Range Studios, the fabulous folks who make viral internet movies designed to make a positive difference in the world. They are offering two YouTopia Grants; one will go to a non-profit organization and the other will go to a socially responsible for-profit company.
BJ’s project is entitled “The Power of Positive DOING: 101 Strategies for Challenging Times” and she describes it best:

“Millions of people around the world are feeling anxious, confused, frustrated, and angry. They are reeling from the global recession and worried about the future – with good reason. I am writing a handbook entitled “The Power of Positive DOING: 101 Strategies for Challenging Times” and plan to make a training video (produced by Walk the Talk),- to be used by organizations to help people help themselves. Positive thinking isn’t enough … positive DOING is what’s needed. Action alleviates anxiety. With Free Range’s assistance in developing this project, we can spread the message about the Power of Positive DOING and show people how to create – or REcreate – a new future for themselves.”

 Would you please take a couple seconds to make a difference and vote for this worthwhile project (it is VERY easy)? Here is the link:

You actually have THREE votes if you want to look around at some of the other grant applicants and see if you want to vote for them, too. :-)
The web site may ask you to verify your email address, simply as a precaution against fraudulent voting, but we promise you that you will not be inundated with spam as a result of voting on this web site.
Thank you in advance for your support! 

Best always,
Eric Harvey
 See if you’d like to learn more about Free Range Studios and their fabulous work.

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