Harnessing Your “Power of One”

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Harnessing Your “Power of One”

Your thoughts, words, and actions are like individual notes that work in concert to create the power of one person – YOU – to make a difference. You can harness your “power of one” if you simply:

  • Catch one negative thought and turn it into a positive one;
  • Think of one thing for which you are grateful at the beginning of each day;
  • Say one “Fantastic!” when a friend or team member asks how you are doing;
  • Assume the best in one upcoming situation;
  • Keep on moving one more time when you experience adversity;
  • Help one friend or colleague in a time of need – and take pride in it.

Orchestrating Attitude
Today’s tip comes from Orchestrating Attitude: Getting the Best from Yourself and Others
by Lee J. Colan

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