A Vision of Beauty

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The Power of Inspiration
In The Best Way Out Is Always Through: The Power of Perseverance, you’ll find uplifting stories, quotes, and poems that will inspire you to persevere, endure, and ultimately triumph. It is my hope that the poem I’m sharing with you today will inspire you and remind you that the best way out is always through.

A Vision of Beauty

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By BJ GallagherPicture it.
Hold the image in your mind, the vision in your heart.
You’ll see it when you believe it — not the other way around.
All great human achievements started off as an idea,
a picture in someone’s head.
Your achievement, your goal, your fulfillment, your future
are like postcards tacked to the bulletin board of your mind.
Keep them visible — look at them often.
See yourself in those pictures and know that dreams really do come true.

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Live Inspired,

Michelle Sedas
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