When you build bridges

When you build bridges,
you can keep crossing them.
~ Rick Pitino

How to Lead From a Distance Today’s quote comes to you from How to Lead From a Distance: Building Bridges in the Virtual Workplace.


Keep It Simple & Sane

This week I found myself getting caught up in the whys? and the what ifs? “Why did I do that?” “What if this happens?” I realized, after wasting a bit too much time, that this line of thinking was getting me nowhere. After reading the introduction to Barb Rogers’ book Keep It Simple & Sane, worry began to subside and freedom began to flourish. “The past is history, the future is a mystery. All you must truly be concerned with is the present. No matter what has gone before, you have the option to make changes, to make new choices, right now,” she writes.I found such honesty in her hope-filled story of addiction and recovery. If you, too, are ready to free yourself from addictive thinking, then I hope you’ll take a moment to learn more about Keep It Simple & Sane. The stories, strategies, and exercises will inspire you to make positive, life-changing choices…right now.

Live Inspired,

Michelle Sedas
Host of the Inspired Living Café

Keep It Simple & Sane
learn more
Excerpted from Keep It Simple & Sane
by Barb Rogers
Tips for Keeping it Simple and Sane

  • Thoughts can accumulate like old, dusty house clutter, and provide you with an excuse not to move forward with your life, but to dwell in the familiar.
  • Quit thinking about what you “should” have done. If you could have done it differently, you would have.
  • You must first be mentally balanced to achieve a total healthy balance in your life.
  • Consider words that you believe define you, words that you have heard others use to describe you, words that come from past memories, and old words that might once have been used to describe you. Are there words you are holding on to that caused you to sacrifice other, more positive words? You have the power to change those words, but it’s a choice you have to make for yourself.
  • Engage in every aspect of life that you can, and enjoy the ride. Accept the helping hands of travelers who have gone before you, and when you become a traveler, be ready to offer your own hand to those that need guidance in their own rides.

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Your most precious leadership possession

Protecting Your Integrity. For greater success as a leader, maintain your integrity and continue to earn employees’ trust by continually asking yourself these three questions:1. Are integrity and trust my highest priorities?
2. Are there areas of conflict between what I believe, what I say, and how I behave?
3. Has compromise crept into my day-to-day life “under the radar”?

Protect your integrity like a priceless gem; it is your most precious leadership possession.

Management Insights
Today’s tip comes from Management Insights
by Carnes, Cottrell, and Layton

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The Tide of Opinion

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Walk The Talk Daily Motivation

Swim against the tide of opinion: Decide that happiness is an essential part of a life well lived.
~ Hugh Prather

Little Book of Letting Go Today’s quote comes to you from Little Book of Letting Go: A Revolutionary 30-Day Program to Cleanse Your Mind, Lift Your Spirit, and Replenish Your Soul.

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The Power of Positive Choices

Excerpted from The Power of Positive Choices:
Adding and Subtracting Your Way to a Great Life
Honoring your unique self in life gives you an edge. Uncovering the real truth about your personal style and your preferences allows you to create a lifestyle that’s in alignment with who you really are – not the person someone else urged you to be. Part of your subtraction process needs to be deleting other people’s expectations and agendas for your life. By subtracting their scripts for you, you can write your own screenplay, choosing every detail, including only additions that you love. Carefully evaluate which life choices nourish you and which ones deplete your sense of well-being. Those insights are the gems from which you craft your original life episodes.Inquiry: Are you following someone else’s casting call? Are you an artist at heart dressed up in a suit? Or a country soul living in a high-rise studio apartment? Have you made lifestyle choices because you were supposed to? What parts of yourself are you not honoring? Release your attachment to other people’s approval and set yourself free to select only the Positive Choices that are best for you.

The Power of Positive ChoicesLearn More… The Power of Positive Choices
by Gail Meekin

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None of us is really smart enough…

Walk The Talk Daily Motivation

In all things, be willing to listen to people around you. None of us is really smart enough
to go it alone.
~ John Clendenin

Lead Right Today’s quote comes to you from Lead Right: Every Leader’s Straight-Talk Guide to Job Success.

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Walk The Talk Daily Motivation

There is real magic in enthusiasm. It spells the difference between mediocrity and accomplishment.
~ Norman Vincent Peale

The Today’s quote comes to you from The Secrets of Meeting Magic…Revealed.

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Calming Angry Customers

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The Leadership Solution by WalkTheTalk.com
Calming Angry Customers

One of the fastest and most effective ways to diffuse customer anger is to agree with them. Saying,
“You’ve got a right to be mad,” or “I can understand why you’re upset – I would be, too” can literally
stop an upset customer in their tracks. Their case has been made … the fight they expected never
happened. And, if the next thing you say is, “Let’s see what I can do to make it right,” you’ll
immediately take the discussion from negative complaining to constructive problem solving.

Serve Right


Today’s tip comes from Serve Right
by Steve Ventura

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Why do some people succeed while others seem to fail?

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the walk the talk movies
Why do some people succeed while others seem to fail? Well, Earl Nightingale,
known as the “Dean of Personal Development,” reveals how he discovered and
lived the secret to success. Take a few moments to watch this powerful and thought-provoking
message. And if it inspires you, please pass it along to your friends, colleagues, and family members.
watch this movie
Best wishes for your personal and professional success.
Eric Harvey
Founder and President
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Hire People for WHO They Are!

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The Leadership Solution by WalkTheTalk.com
Hire People for WHO They Are!
One of the biggest mistakes most employers make is to value previous work experience above all else.
In today’s rapidly changing world, however, experience is “how it used to be done.” When hiring
people, look for traits like hard-working, good team player, dependability, integrity, etc. – rather
than just an inventory of skills they acquired in previous employment.

Leadership Courage
Today’s tip comes from Leadership Courage
by David Cottrell and Eric Harvey

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