Letting Go

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“The Key to Happiness Is Learning to Let Go.”
~ Hugh Prather

Filled with transforming ideas that can stay with us for a lifetime,
The Little Book of Letting Go shows how to have a life that knows peace. In this 30-day
program to cleanse your mind, lift your spirit, and replenish your soul, author Hugh Prather
helps us identify and release “mental toxins.” The chapter titled Letting Go of Mental
Pollutants contains a Release (exercise) to help us eliminate worry. I found this Release
especially helpful and I would like to share it with you today. Practical, powerful, and
insightful, The Little Book of Letting Go can change your life…if you are willing to let go.

To Your Success,

Eric Harvey
Eric Harvey

Pulling Together  The Little Book of Letting GoIn this accessible, friendly book, Prather first explains why it is essential that readers learn to let go. He then takes readers on a thirty-day plan of cleansing the mind, releasing the spirit, and lifting the soul.


Excerpted from The Little Book of Letting Go
by Hugh Prather
Our fear that what we said to a friend yesterday might have been misunderstood would have no meaning and be of no interest to us if we knew for sure that the person could carry no memory of our remarks into the future. If this were the case, we would know that the friendship would remain unaffected despite our comments. Our fear therefore is not about what we said, but about future ramifications. When doing this Release, keep in mind that although they have their roots in the past, all forms of fear point to the future.

  • From the time you awake to the time you get ready for bed, write down any fear that crosses your mind. Include every worry, vague apprehension, nagging suspicion, or catastrophic fantasy you notice.
  • Before you fall asleep, mark those fears you most strongly believe will come true, or if you prefer, rate each fear on a scale of one to ten; ten being absolute certainty. In other words, single out the fears you think are intuitive and predictive, as well as those you suspect are self-fulfilling because of the intensity or frequency with which you think of them.
  • Post this list where you can check it from time to time. In the weeks and months to come, see for yourself if anything happens the way you imagined it would. Also, take note of all events that conflict with what you feared, events that in some way turn out to be the opposite of what you worried would happen.
  • When most or all of the fears have had sufficient time to occur, fold the list and put it in your purse or wallet. This will be your new identity card. You are now a person who is not afraid of fear. If your ego steals your card, you can renew it simply by repeating this one-day Release.

Should you choose not to do this Release even once, you must renounce forever your right to worry out loud.

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