7 Moments … That Define Excellent Leaders

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Hi Friends…We want it, we need it, we work hard to get it. The “it” is SUCCESS – a wonderful thing that showers us with untold benefits. But along with those benefits comes one potential negative that can diminish our ability to stay successful: COMFORT!The scenario is all too familiar (and natural): We want to savor our success, so we’re tempted to slow down … just a little; we let our focus slip … just a little; we start to play it safe … just a little. Examples abound in the world of sports. How many times have we seen teams lose their momentum and then lose the game because instead of playing to win, they began playing not to lose? They get ahead and then stop playing with the intensity that earned them the lead.The same temptation can trap leaders. As we exceed expectations and hit our targets, it appears our team is cruising for its best year ever. It feels good. We get comfortable. And we find that our focus has shifted from gaining ground to merely sustaining it. Eventually we lose the momentum that got us where we are and we find that we aren’t “there” any more.

How can we avoid this all-too-human tendency? Lee Colan provides several clues in his truly inspiring book 7 Moments … That Define Excellent Leaders. Excerpted below are a few of his suggestions to help ensure that we keep earning laurels rather than resting on those we already have.

Lead well … LEAD RIGHT

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Excerpts from 7 Moments … That Define Excellent Leaders
  • Find delight in your own discomfort. The way to keep your momentum is to actually seek discomfort – especially that which comes with change. This does not mean you are never satisfied with yourself or others. Rather it provides a healthy alertness of where you can improve. It will help you stay on the offense and thrive rather than playing defensively and merely surviving.
  • When you feel you are cruising to victory, take a look around … but not only at your opponents. Look for anyone, any team, who is the very best at what they do. Compare yourself to them. What are they doing that makes them bigger, faster, better, smarter than you? Studying those who might have better “game” than we do keeps us humble and focused on improving our own game.
  • Lead beyond the status quo. Always focus on the next level. If you can achieve your goals doing “business as usual,” then your goals are not big enough and you won’t get to the next level. Your goals should force changes, require tough decisions, and inspire bold actions.

The next time you are feeling comfortable, enjoy the moment … but for just a moment. Then, seize the very next moment to change!

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