I Quit, But Forgot To Tell You

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Hi Friends …

You know, as leaders, we all tend to face similar challenges. And one of the more common of those is figuring out how to get employees more engaged at work … more committed to their jobs. The WHY is obvious – the HOW can seem perplexing. If it was easy, everyone would nail it; if it was easy, it wouldn’t be such a “challenge.” So, what do we do … what can YOU do? Well, I’ve recently come across an invaluable resource that answers that very question.

In her revealing book I Quit, But Forgot to Tell You, Terri Kabachnick offers a large helping of practical employee engagement strategies that every leader should find beneficial. One of the many that resonated with me has to do with treating employees as partners. And it’s one that all of us would be wise to work on and pay attention to.

Over the years, I’ve learned that people tend to act and respond according to how their treated. So, if we want employees to act more like stakeholders in the business, we need to treat them more like stakeholders … we need to make them “partners” in the enterprise and provide them with opportunities for greater involvement. And, as I Quit, But Forgot to Tell You points out, that means doing things like …

  • Teaching team members the basics of the business as well as their jobs.
  • Sharing information about your organization’s challenges, finances, and future plans.
  • Helping each person see the big picture and understand his or her part in it.
  • Soliciting employee input and ideas on processes and purchases.
  • Giving the people who do the work a say on how it should be accomplished.

Bottom line: When employees are treated as partners, senses of ownership, involvement, and responsibility are more likely to set in. And the pride that comes from contributing as a true stakeholder can fill a powerful personal need that we all share.

Lead well … LEAD RIGHT

What are your thoughts of treating employees as partners? Do you have any examples of when this worked for you? Other comments/thoughts/reactions? We want to hear from you!

I Quit

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Inspiration For Mother's Day

Sophia Loren once said, “When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child.”

Just in time for Mother’s Day on May 9th is a book that celebrates mothers and the comfort, courage, inspiration and, most of all, love they bring into our lives. Mother’s Love Is…, by Mina Parker, is filled with inspirational quotes and heartfelt sentiments that share the many ways mothers show their love. This year, give the gift that says, “Thank you…for your love.”

To Your Success,

Eric Harvey
Eric Harvey
Founder and President
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Charging the Human Battery

Excerpted from Mother’s Love Is… by Mina Parker
A mother’s love is as big as a house, deep as an ocean, constant as the stars. A mother’s love is all encompassing, all knowing, and all forgiving. It is home. And yet, as big as it is, a mother’s love remembers all the details and knows the littlest things can be the most important—like how much chocolate in the milk, when to offer advice and when to be still, and just the right squeezing that makes the perfect hug. From the biggest moments down to the sweetest nothings, a mother’s heart stands at the ready to comfort, encourage, inspire, protect and, most of all, love.

Mother’s LOVE shows us the way.

Mother’s COURAGE can move mountains.

Mother’s WISDOM holds you close.

“It is not until you become a mother that your judgment slowly turns to
compassion and understanding.”
~Erma Bombeck

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Imagination is Everything 4/27/10

Walk The Talk Daily Motivation

Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.
~ Albert Einstein

Leadership Energy: A High-Velocity Formula to Energize Your Team,  Customers and Profits Today’s quote comes to you from Leadership Energy: A High-Velocity Formula to Energize Your Team, Customers and Profits.

To learn about this book and our full range of personal and professional development resources, please visit us at blog.walkthetalk.com.

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Friends Are Everything 4/24/10

Walk The Talk Daily Motivation

It is the friends you can call up at 4 a.m. that matter.
  ~ Marlene Dietrich 

Friends Are Everything Today’s quote comes to you from  Friends Are Everything.
To learn about this book and our full range of personal and professional development resources, please visit us at blog.walkthetalk.com.

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Inspired To Lead

The Leadership Solution by WalkTheTalk.com
Hi Friends …Every once in a while, as I’m reading, I come across a piece that is so powerful and thought provoking, I feel the need to share it – as is. No description … no explanation … no reinforcing of the message … no lesson from me. Just put it out there and let it speak for itself. Today is one of those times.The “piece” I have to share with you is the “Closing Thoughts” from Christopher Novak’s masterpiece book Inspired to Lead.
I encourage you to read it, remember it, and share it with your fellow leaders.Lead well … LEAD RIGHT
Inspired to Lead
“Closing Thoughts” from Inspired to LeadLeadership is not a top-down impulse but rather a bottom-up impact. The greatest leaders in history have not been dictators but rather directors – leadership maestros who used their gifts of vision, values and purpose to orchestrate actions that served a cause greater than themselves.Giving orders is not leadership. Giving hope is. Leaders who serve the interests of those they lead earn far more than the obedience of their followers, they earn their respect.Are you an inspired leader? It is good to reflect on how well we are living up to our own leadership challenges. How well are you serving your team and your organization? When was the last time you asked the people you lead how well you are meeting their professional needs? When was the last time that you took a few minutes to sit with each of your team members and asked them what you can do better to help them be more effective or more satisfied in their work? Have you ever asked your colleagues how you can inspire them to excel? Go ahead, ask the questions and do not fear the answers.Inspired leadership is not about weak and strong; it’s about right and wrong. It’s about doing things the right way, for the right reasons and using your position of power, trust and influence to serve. Serve as a facilitator to get things done. Serve as a mentor to grow your team members. Ultimately, the most inspired leaders serve as an example to others that the pinnacle of leadership is reached when you care more about others standing atop the summit than you do about your own view.

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“The wisest and best teachers teach from the heart, not from the book.”
~Author Unknown

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Did you ever have a special teacher who taught from the heart? Someone who encouraged your true, inner talents to shine? Someone who valued your thoughts and opinions? Many of us can remember one or two significant teachers who left a lasting impression on our lives. Just in time for Teacher Appreciation Week (May 2 – 8 ) is Heart of a Teacher. This book, filled with poems, quotes, and inspirational stories, is the perfect gift to say, “Thank you for making a difference.”

Today’s story is about one teacher and the lasting impression she made. This woman taught from the heart and truly made a difference. I guarantee, it’s a story you won’t forget.

Please pass this along to your friends, family, and colleagues.

To Your Success,

Eric Harvey
Founder and President
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My Daily Inspiration 4/20/10

Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do what you want done because he wants to do it.
~ Dwight D. Eisenhower

 Positive Discipline Today’s quote comes to you from Positive Discipline: How To Resolve Tough Performance Problems Quickly…and Permanently.

To learn about this book and our full range of personal and professional development resources, please visit us at blog.walkthetalk.com.

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My Daily Inspiration 4/13/10

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.
~ John Quincy Adams

Inspired to Lead Today’s quote comes to you from Inspired to Lead: 12 Powerful Lessons on Making a Difference.

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“Change comes bearing gifts.”

“Change comes bearing gifts.”
~Price Pritchett

Mary Blochowiak said, “You are always only one choice away from changing your life.” Just imagine. One choice. When I look back at my life and see all of the different roads I’ve traveled, I realize that, yes, while arriving at the destination was the result of a series of choices, each journey began with a single choice. What would that one life-altering choice be for you? Mac Anderson’s book Charging the Human Battery: 50 Ways to Motivate Yourself encourages us to get energized and make those choices that will change our lives.

Read the excerpt below and choose to make those important choices…today!

Please pass this to friends, family, and coworkers.

To Your Success,

Eric Harvey
Eric Harvey
Founder and President
Questions? 888.822.9255

Charging the Human Battery

Excerpted from Charging the Human Battery: 50 Ways to Motivate Yourself
One choice, just one, can change your life forever. Simply put, your life today is what your choices have made it, but with new choices, you can change directions this very moment. For me, that idea alone is highly motivational because it offers tremendous hope, regardless of circumstances, for a better tomorrow.

Your life-changing choice may be to switch careers, to leave an abusive relationship, to go back to school, to stop drinking, to adopt a child, to start a business, to lose weight, to start a charity…to name a few. If you have the courage to do so, you could make any one of those choices, or others, today. And you would change your life.

Sometimes it’s a different kind of choice. It can be to not quit, to not give up in the face of adversity. We’ve all been there.

Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen received 77 rejections for their idea Chicken Soup for the Soul. They had to make a decision each time…should they throw in the towel and say enough is enough, or should they keep trying to pursue their dreams? You know the rest of the story. The 78th publisher said “Yes” and they went on to sell over 100 million books.

So never forget that you are only one choice away from changing your life. Do you have the courage to make it?

Inquiring minds want to hear from you!! Please share below a choice you made that altered the course of your life…or what unexpected “gifts” that you received from a life changing decision?

Copyright Simple Truths, LLC, all rights reserved and reprinted with permission.

My Daily Inspiration 4/12/10

The basis of leadership is the capacity of the leader to change the mindset, the framework of the other person.
~ Warren Bennis

Leadership Made Simple Today’s quote comes to you from Leadership Made Simple: Practical Solutions to Your Greatest Management Challenges.

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